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Hagerty Grain Futures link to the past



1921 - William D. Hagerty becomes a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

1937 - William D. Hagerty establishes the clearing firm Hagerty Grain Co., a commodities clearing firm and brokerage house for local traders
_____at the Chicago Board of Trade.

1951 - William D. Hagerty Jr. joins his father in the business and becomes a full member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

1977 - William D Hagerty Jr. is elected Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. Bonds are first introduced as a trading vehicle.

1979 - William D Hagerty Jr. takes over as President of Hagerty Grain Co., now incorporated.

1986 - John Hagerty joins his father at Hagerty Grain Co., Inc. and registers as an Associated Person with the NFA.

2008 - Hagerty Grain Futures, LLC is founded. Hagerty Grain Co., Inc. discontinues the clearing function at the Chicago Board of Trade
_____and continues as a corporation for proprietary commodities trading. HGF joins Rosenthal Collins Group as an Introducing Broker.


picture John C. Hagerty, President

John Hagerty brings over 25 years of trading and commodities futures experience to the role of President. He earned a BA in Finance from Loyola University of Chicago. He is registered as an Associated Person with the NFA and is an individual member of the Chicago Board
of Trade.

John joined his father at Hagerty Grain Co, Inc. in 1986 as an accounts manager. Along with honing market strategy and assessment skills for advising and servicing clients, John also poured his energy into the office effort to implement and maintain Hagerty Grain Co., Inc's electronic capabilities. He made sure the customers had the latest technology available and the quickest market entry possible. John continues to remain current on all the latest market technology to aid clients and traders in assessing the best possible approach for their unique trading needs. John has a breadth of knowledge and experience that can only come with several decades of focus in the field of futures trading.